Mar 25 Giu 2019

Bologna EpiDoc Workshop 2019

Bologna, 27-31 maggio 2019

Resoconto di Matteo Rivoli

Gio 09 Feb 2017

SAEG 5° Seminario Avanzato di Epigrafia Greca

Torino, 18-20 gennaio 2017

Resoconto di Francesca Giovagnorio

Lun 10 Ott 2016

EpiDoc Workshop Bologna 2016

Bologna, 12-14 settembre 2016

Resoconto di Irene Nicolino


Un poster per Berlino

Sab 26 Marzo 2011

Valentina Garulli ed Eleonora Santin presentano il primo progetto  per il prossimo congresso di Epigrafia greca e latina

Ecco il testo con il progetto per un poster che le due colleghe intendono proporre agli organizzatori. Siamo tutti invitati a fornire suggerimenti o a emendare, se necessario.

A complete and up-to-date edition with commentary of the bilingual verse inscriptions
published so far will meet an urgent scholarly need: this poster’s aim is to present such
a research project, describe its guidelines and reveal its first results.
First of all, a definition of ‘Bilingual Verse Inscription’ will be given, in order to mark
the limits of the corpus examined: only the verse inscriptions including both Greek and
Latin verses will be collected and taken into consideration as Bilingual Verse
Inscriptions. All bilingual inscriptions that do not fit such a definition, because the verse
is accompanied by a prose ‘translation’, will be collected and examined in an appendix
to the new edition.
Then, the poster will give some data: the number of the Bilingual Verse Inscriptions
collected and examined, the original location and chronology of the monuments, their
size and shape, the genre of the poems and their length. A special attention will be paid to the monumental contexts of the verse inscriptions. Some of these data will be
illustrated by means of maps (provenance and date of the inscriptions), photos/drawings (shape of the monuments) and diagrams giving the genres, length of texts and size of monuments in percentages.
All these data will be the basis of some hypotheses concerning the cultural, social and
historical contexts and readers of the Bilingual Verse Inscriptions: these texts can cast a new light on the cross-cultural dynamics involving especially the Greek and the Roman element within the Roman empire.
Beside these statistics and hypotheses, the poster will propose a classification of the
Bilingual Verse Inscriptions according to the relationship between Greek and Latin text:
in this regard, a close comparison between them must take into account not only their
contents (the Greek and the Latin text are not always a translation of each other, but
often a variation, sometimes they complete each other, etc.), but also their form
(language, metre and diction, layout of the two parts of the inscription).

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